How might we reach the trusted pharmacy in an app

We identified the lack of time to be able to go to the pharmacy as a need. So, we wanted to deliver medicines, we wanted it to be safe and we wanted the user to be comfortable with the service.

We started to think about which target group consumed the most medicines. The elderly. So the challenge was important, we had to bring the trusted pharmacy to the elderly and make a super intuitive app to them!

By analysing data on the number of people who buy medicines online, we were able to see that our idea had a future. At this stage we discovered that in 2019, the market share of online pharmaceutical sales was 19% which, translated into euros, was 1,883 million euros, a market share that has been growing steadily over the last 10 years, so we saw that in economic terms the project was completely viable.

As a qualitative investigation, we chose interviews in order to identify our User Persona and on the other hand, we needed to know the stakeholders necessary for the project, which were the owners of the pharmacies. The goal was to carry out 5 surveys of each of the selected groups. According to some studies, by interviewing 5 users we'd obtain 85% of the problems encountered by users with the different products.

Once we had all the data analysed we could start to draw conclusions. We had to iterate because we realized that there were a big technological gap for older people and for this reason we divided the possible users of the product into age groups, the first group for people between 18 and 30 years old, the second group for people between 31 and 55 years old and finally the third group for people between 56 and 80 years old.

Meet Carmen

Carmen is a 40 year old separated woman, a professional with higher education and has a 3 year old daughter called Adriana. Carmen can't leave her daughter at home alone when she needs to go out to get medicine when the child is ill. "- I need medication on a regular basis. - I need 24-hour access to medicines in case I have an emergency with my children. - I need to be sure that the medicine is in good condition. - I like to receive personal treatment. - I am too lazy to go to the pharmacy when my child is ready to go to sleep. - I get anxious when I am inundated with information that I don't need."

With the empathy map we were able to visualise Carmen's emotional and rational aspects in depth, we had to put ourselves in her situation to be able to empathise with her feelings and to consider how she would act when facing her daily problems.

What does she think and feel?

She needs to be calm and have no worries. She wants her family to be well. She would like to be promoted in her job to improve her financial situation. She cares a lot about his family environment, such as his children and parents.

What does she listen abour?

Social networks influence her a lot, especially Intragram and Twitter. She usually listens to the news on Atresmedia and Onda Cero. Her family environment influences her a lot.

What does she see?

She relates to people with higher education and middle and upper-middle class. She likes cultural themes, theatre, cinema, book presentations. Everything to do with cultural events, travel, physical and aesthetic care. She spends a lot of time on her mobile phone, between social networks, whatsApp, and other applications that dhe uses in his work.

What does she say and do?

She needs to be calm and have no worries. She wants her family to be well. She would like to be promoted in her job to improve her financial situation. She cares a lot about her family environment, such as her children and parents.


Her family and her progress at work.


She gets frustrated when she can't reach her goals.

We were focus on security

That's because communication between all the stakeholders involved is essential. The app offers a chat where users can type with their trusted pharmacy so that they can make queries. It is also very important to know where their order is at all times, so user can chat with the delivery person too and theris a map showing the location all the time.

To be able to take care of everyone

It is also possible to choose between the people who are registered. So, the same user can manage the medicines. In the case of Carmen, she can make orders for herself, her daughter and her mother. In each profile you can register your electronic prescription.