How might we turn an almost forgotten museum into an interesting institution

The ask

Museo del Ferrocarril de Madrid was a train station in 1880 that later became an interesting museum. It is currently a bit neglected and hidden from the main street and goes unnoticed by local people and tourism.

About activities, not all the possibilities that the museum has are used, such as story-telling, interpretation of the time, games with children... I think that Museo del ferrocarril de Madrid would be a point in the tourist route if it were a thematic space, because its situation is privileged. It connects other museums like Reina Sofia and Matadero and its integration as an interesting tourist spot would be good for the neighborhood too!

When I spoke to the director, he told me that the museum did not have much money to invest and most of its income was acquired by renting out the space. It was a pity for me, because I saw the museum get lost and forgotten.

The solution

Once the identity brand changes, the whole museum does. It was important that when people walked by, they saw the big sign and knew that there was a museum about the railway behind it. The mark should be simple but recognizable. The museum had to be an interesting but joyful place, so the identity had to reflect that. It's a little dark inside the museum, so I thought every poster or sign should be white.

The decomposition of the logo was the key. The identity would be that mixture between that kind of confetti and the value of the antiquity of the trains.

Museo del Ferrocarril
Museo del ferrocarril Web Museo del ferrocarril Propuesta Logotipo
Museo del ferrocarril Propuesta Logotipo
Museo del ferrocarril Propuesta Logotipo
Museo del ferrocarril Museo del ferrocarril Propuesta Logotipo