How might we reflect a way of selling on a website

The ask

Miel de Monte is a small brand of honey from the north of Segovia formed by two people who work with bees, care for them, produce honey, labels and sell their honey pots on their own in small shops and thanks to word of mouth.

It is said that it is a special honey because of its dark color, this is because it does not have any type of additives, it is a pure honey especially of oak.

The solution

First of all, I started with the brand trying their labels showed the identity of the honey and the sellers, closers and friendly. So, the labels have illustrations around the mark of this type of tree leaf. You can see a small explanation of what to do in case of solification and at the side you can find weight, location, contact and expiration advice. We also made another label as a proof of closure that connected with the main label and the top of the pot.

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In the research of the user, I found that it was a person from Segovia of about 40 years old, who wants natural products from their area. But with the arrival of the web page, this user will change because people from everywhere will know the brand.

They also sell online where you can contact them, place your order and they will send it to you with a transport agency. The essence of the brand is the characteristic closeness of the rural world.

When I made the website, I had the clear idea to reflect their way of working and that's what I tried to do.

First, I wanted to show with simple but clear phrases and images, the main content of the website, and it was very important a presentation of Maria and Gonzalo, the two people who have made possible the honey and how they do their things.

The objective was that users could see through the Internet the close process that they usually do. So it was necessary to explain the characteristics involved in the process of honey.

How people can contact them is an interesting part because it is not a usual online shop, because you have to contact them by phone, whatsapp or email instead of adding the products to the shopping cart. This is the way to make a personalized treatment.

Miel de Monte