Hi! I'm Laura Adrover, a product designer based in Madrid

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About me

· Fine arts at Universidad Complutense de Madrid and at Genova
· Web development course at Trazos
· Graphic design at Istituto Europeo di Design
· User experience at Uxer School

I like to do people's life easier. I always take care about details and with love for the craft. Another strength could be empathy, that makes me to have a deep understanding of customers. Also I'm a team player, I like working with people. I think it's essential to make good and strong projects.

On the other hand, I'm a bit impatient. I want to complete the tasks as soon as possible. Also I have to improve my skills to speak in public, because I usually get nervous 😅

· Currently I am a product designer at El Corte Inglés web department.

· Former UX and visual designer at Telefónica where I worked in the cyber security department with Eleven Paths.

· At Fundación Biodiversidad I helped especially with their annual report.

· My experience at Salvador Bachiller was multifunctional: textile design, photography, social network management, posters, packaging and newsletters.

· At KPMG I worked on the visual support of web pages.

· At GD systems, I learnt working with content managers and editing their codes like Wordpress.